Today, many VFX, gaming, and animation studios are incorporating AI solutions into their workflows to streamline pipeline operations and spark innovative ideas through generative AI. The introduction of so many new open-source AI tools has inspired creative studio artists to explore the limits of GPU technology beyond real-time. These AI advancements span various creative applications, such as:

At CenterGrid, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of driving virtual production innovation. As a pioneering provider of the Nvidia RTX 6000 series virtual workstations, we are positioning our clients to help shape the future of 3D AI cloud-based visual effects production.

“We place a high value on maneuverability and flexibility when architecting our platforms. This meant selecting dual use GPUs for both ray tracing and AI, getting the best of both worlds and the ability to effortlessly shift between these workloads inside of your project without additional resources or provisioning steps. All of this comes with the high-performance storage and our white glove support that allows you to focus on collaboration rather than technology.”

Chris Beard CenterGrid Virtual Studio COO

Today, all our Virtual Studio evaluation systems are now pre-installed with Stable Diffusion generative AI so artists can begin to explore the advantage of true GPU performance. All of our GPU-powered, virtual workstations include Windows and allow testers to easily upload their own AI tools or download AI software directly from sites like GitHub. Our customers say using our private cloud is a perfect way for their creative teams to test AI software on sensitive IP offsite in a safe, secure, and contained environment.

Our team at CenterGrid welcomes you to take a no risk test drive of our AI – real-time cloud workstations and shared storage. Just click the link below to get started.

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