CG Virtual Studio

3D Workstations

Seriously Creative

Powered Virtual Workstations

when we say serious we mean serious!

Our industrial grade Virtual Studio workstations are designed to get your project done.

50 user Rockstar Maya, V-Ray Studio, or 13 person Next Gen Realtime studio? We have you covered.

Unleash The Power!

Our four M Series preconfigured Virtual Studio workstations are designed specifically for your 3D CGI production. Just log in and light up the night with our blazing Raptor configuration. This beast of a virtual workstation is packed with uncompromising power, running a full RTX A6000, 64 vCPU and 128 gig of RAM. If you’re looking for a badass CPU workstation for 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, or Blender then consider logging into our Apache configuration running a Nvidia T4, 24 vCPU and 64 gigs of RAM. Regardless of your CGI workstation needs, our team of IT tecno-mages can set you up with a killer configured system to get your job done!

Virtual Studio Triad Packages

3 Workstations + Collaborative Storage + Project Backup + File Server + 24/7 IT Support

We provide Our Virtual Studio Nvidia GPU workstations in Triad studio configurations allowing you to easily get your offsite CGI production up and running. Weather you need it for a month or a year, each TRIAD subscription package comes with three high-performance M series NVIDIA GPU virtual workstations, one Producer remote desktop, lightning-fast networked cloud storage, project backup, licensing/file server, Windows 11, Microsoft Office Suite, and of course our white glove 24/7 IT support.

Looking for a custom solution? Yeah, we understand, and can customize the right solution for you. Give our team a call and we can hook you up!

Triad Virtual Studio

M1 Cobra

Kick start your Virtual Studio with the M1 Triad Cobra collection. This config is spot on for production teams jumping into Maya/ V-Ray/Blender/Nuke Studio. It provides 5TB of storage, a license server and 3 powerful COBRA workstations.

  • 5TB Shared Virtual Project Storage
  • 10TB Backup Storage Capacity
  • Windows 11, M365 Apps, Antivirus
  • Licensing Server and File Server
  • 100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • 24×7 Support and Management

Triad Virtual Studio

M2 Apache

Punch the accelerator with Triad Virtual Studio M2 Apache setup.  Designed for accelerating your CGI pipeline. Maya/V-Ray/Blender/Nuke Studio. It provides 10TB of storage, a license server and 3 robust APACHE workstations.

  • 10TB Shared Virtual Project Storage
  • 20TB Backup Storage Capacity
  • Windows 11, M365 Apps, Antivirus
  • Licensing Server and File Server
  • 250 Mbps Bandwidth
  • 24×7 Support and Management

Triad Virtual Studio

M3 Havoc

Take your production to the redline with the M3 HAVOC Triad Virtual Studio. This killer setup adds a Nvidia RTX A6000 allowing you to hit your deadlines with ease. It provides 15TB of storage, a license server and 3 extreme HAVOC workstations.

  • 15TB Shared Virtual Project Storage
  • 20TB Backup Storage Capacity
  • Windows 11, M365 Apps, Antivirus
  • Licensing Server and File Server
  • 250 Mbps Bandwidth
  • 24×7 Support and Management

Triad Virtual Studio

M4 Raptor

Hyperjump to the edge with the M4
RAPTOR Triad Virtual Studio. This power hungry configuration is all in with a full on RTX A6000 and 64 Cores. It provides 20TB of storage, a license server and 3 extreme RAPTOR workstations.

  • 20TB Shared Virtual Project Storage
  • 40TB Backup Storage Capacity
  • Windows 11, M365 Apps, Antivirus
  • Licensing Server and File Server
  • 500 Mbps Bandwidth
  • 24×7 Support and Management

Get Connected

there is only ONE thing better

than spinning up a kick ass VIRTUAL workstation

and that’s having it connected at LIGHTSPEED to your team’s virtual project storage and cloud render nodes.


Whether your artists are in town, or Timbuktu, your Virtual Studio global network of cloud production virtual workstations connects your team like never before. Imagine having your team start modeling in the morning in Madrid, animating in the afternoon in Abu Dhabi, rendering at sunset in Tokyo, and delivering dailies at dawn in LA. Virtual Studio’s advanced remote network and lightning-fast US cloud storage truly enable 24-hour follow-the-sun CGI production.


Hyper Converged Internal CGI Connectivity

Virtual Studio’s internal high-speed network is built specifically to handle your complex CGI files, renderings and postproduction comps. Your artists’  Virtual Studio workstations, project storage, CPU/GPU render nodes, and license servers all communicate at an incredible 2 to 12 gigabytes per second. With that kind of speed, Virtual Studio artists can easily see a 30% increase in every IO operation over their standard infrastructure. That’s a huge deal when your farm’s render manager is firing off the same 3GB CGI file with 10GB of textures to every render node for every frame of your animation. All while your post team is comping and editing on the same virtual network. If you think you know fast CGI infrastructure, think again.

Blazing Fast Internet Burstable Bandwidth

Multi-ISP redundant, multi-gigabit burstable bandwidth means Virtual Studio can connect your 200-person broadband internet global team effortlessly. Need to move 10,000 4k frames to your client overnight, or deliver real time renders to your client’s website in real-time? No sweat. We have the bandwidth to do that and so much more. Oh, did we mention that Virtual Studio users don’t pay a dime for egress? Who’s got your back? We do!

Project Storage Done Right

Globally Connected: All your Virtual Studio workstations, servers and render nodes connect directly to your high speed project storage.
Fully Scalable Storage: Always a perfect fit for your project’s size.
Project Back-up: Don’t lose your data!
Secure: US-based datacenter storage data vault with 24/7 IT sentinels.
Private: Firewalled for your Virtual Studio team.
Subscription-Based: Keep it only as long as you need it.
Zero Egress Fees: We don’t charge you per gig to download your data.
Admin Content Control: Secure fast FTP access for your admin team.
Data Import/Export: Big project? Send us your drives!


Rock and Roll

It's simple.

Does your creative CG have a laptop and broadband connectivity? Then you’re ready to rock and roll! Simply log in to your ultra secure workstation and join the next generation of Virtual Studio clients producing hundreds of millions of CGI images.

Ready to Rock!

You know that feeling when you finally log into that new high-powered tower you just unboxed? Oh yeah! It’s just like that, but so much better. There’s no waiting, no shipping, and no box! Just log in with your laptop over broadband and you have a kick ass workstation at your fingertips. You’re also instantly connected to your Virtual Studio team’s lightning fast project cloud storage, license servers, render managers and render farm. Just install and license your CGI software and you are ready to rock!


Need to set up a software image for your team’s workstations? How about getting that V-Ray, or Nuke license server setup? What about that extra help you just gotta have on making your studio’s Qube or Deadline render manager connect with your virtual render farm? Been there? Then you already know you’re going to appreciate our Virtual Studio 24/7 hands-on IT experts. We are more than just some oversized, overcomplicated, overpromising cloud hardware provider. We are your signature high-performance CGI hardware tech team.

Faster Onboarding

Yea we know how long it takes to get your outsourced creatives onboarded with your IT security division. We designed Virtual Studio to get your remote team in Mumbai approved and cranking out killer work in no time. For starters, there is never a need for your remote team to download any secure content to an unsecured remote device. Artists afar just pop the top on their local laptops and login to their Virtual Workstation locked away in our secure US datacenter.

Render Warp Core

Have a big project going out ASAP?

Then it's time to

By design your Virtual Studio is jacked into your ready-to-rock render nodes. Scale it up, get it done!


Ready to render? GPU or CPU Virtual Studio is powered up and ready to rip. All our Virtual Studio Triad system render management Virtual Studio systems are software agnostic, ready to run your team’s flavor of CGI tools. Whether it’s Maya, V-Ray, Unreal, Unity, NUKE, Cinema 4D, Deadline or QUBE, our tech team is standing by to help you get your licensed rendering software installed and cranking out images.


Need more Virtual Studio render blades to hit your deadline? Need them to be 64-core and 128GB of RAM? Just let us know the configuration and we will spin them up, including software imaging and licensing server connectivity. Add as many render nodes as your production needs without worrying about rendering performance. Our ultra-fast, heavy-lift CGI production network is designed to seamlessly connect all your global Virtual Studio workstations to your expanding Virtual Studio render farm.


Once your blazing render nodes are added to your Virtual Studio account, you can render, re-render, re-render again, and oh, one last final, final re-render, without worrying about getting burned on fluctuating render time costs. Our unique rendering subscription model makes it simple for Virtual Studio teams to add render nodes as needed in weekly, monthly or even yearly increments. Contact our team and we will set you up, because we know what deadline means.


Grind late tonight and something's not right?

We got your back with 24/7 IT support. From license servers to hung render nodes, our IT staff is on call around the clock to help your Virtual Studio. We understand the meaning of Deadline.


Look, everyone gets what normal IT staff should do. Right? They reset your password, patch for nasties, monitor your system stuff, add user accounts… Any everyday cloud provider can manage that simple trick. What you need for your CGI production is a trusted Virtual Studio golden guild level 50 killer cloud tecno-mage that can resurrect dead GPUs, architect intricate incantations of next-gen infrastructure, enchant elements of ether tech, and ward against demonic vulnerabilities and dreaded zero-day exploits.


We believe our Virtual Studio IT team is an essential part of your creative CGI team. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that every aspect of our cloud production hardware runs at warp speed. We fix your problems. We care about the details: every artist, every project, and every BIT. We listen to how our infrastructure maintenance affects our CGI pipeline’s ability to deliver to your clients. We are ever vigilant, watching the RSS Security feeds like a hawk, protecting your team, and most importantly, we never ask, “have you tried turning it off and on again?”


We don’t go by the book; we write the book. The future of remote virtual CGI production is about as bleeding edge as you can get. Future technologies constantly arise from the rapidly expanding cloud of possibilities. As Virtual Studio engineers and developers, we live and breathe to harness the emerging power of the cloud. Join us and let us use our ever-growing arcane knowledge of cloud metaverse infrastructure to further empower your creative pipeline to capitalize on it in ways only you can imagine!

Private DataCenter

Does your client really want their data on the public cloud?

Our clients don’t! Get some serious peace of mind knowing that your projects are locked away deep in our disaster-resistant private technology vault.


Our Virtual Studio Tier 3 datacenter is tied to Black Start power generation. This means our flagship datacenter gets unlimited power even when the grid is down. It is all about protecting your data against catastrophic power failure. We employ 3 levels of power redundancy. Our first line of defense is our massive power feed from our local Hydroelectric dam. The second is our huge UPS battery bank and auxiliary generators. Our third is redundant local power grid connections. In addition, we employ redundant high-bandwidth ISP feeds to keep us connected. When the grid goes down, your Virtual Studio keeps rendering.


Your workstations and sensitive projects are not just in some random public datacenter warehouse. Instead, they are locked away deep in our Virtual Studio private datacenter, protected 24/7 physically and electronically by our IT staff.

Data Vault

The Virtual Studio flagship datacenter is literally an underground vault with over a foot of reinforced concrete walls sitting under a modernized US cold war enterprise headquarters. Just like with any top-secret facility, inbound human traffic is visually confirmed, ID badges scanned, secondary identification reviewed and 007 biometrically authorized.
Yea, it’s like that.

Secure By Design

By its very nature, virtual studio protects your CGI projects because your data is not actually uploaded and downloaded to remote workstations. Instead, your files and software remain in our private cloud as your team works. In addition, we also employ the latest enterprise-level cyber security measures and are compliant with a wide range of electronic data safety protocols you and your clients require. Many features, including next-gen AV/MDR, web app firewalls, MFA, and encryption are built-in from the start.

Sustainable infrastructure

Go green or go home.

CG Virtual Studio is dedicated to investing in sustainable infrastructure. Our flagship facility uses alternative energy sourced from our Local Hydro Electric Dam. We take advantage of our deep Aquifer and Geothermal lake to cool your blazing Virtual Studio workstations.

Sustainable Design

At Virtual Studio, we sleep better knowing that our advanced computational computing arrays use clean energy provided by our local community’s hydroelectric dam. We feel a sense of peace and wonderment when we look out over our campus’ beautiful lake, understating that it’s part of an incredible deep aquifer system cooling your blazing CGI GPUs and CPUs.

Green First

We applaud the growing trend of datacenters following Virtual Studio’s lead to go green by investing in sustainable computing infrastructure. Our datacenter was designed from the ground up to be one of the US’s first low-carbon CGI cloud production facilities. Our unique environmental design currently provides 50% of our electricity directly from a renewable energy source, and our alternative energy geothermal cooling reduces energy usage while increasing your computing performance.

Go Green

Virtual Studios is the first green CGI cloud production provider, and we are honored to provide renewable CGI computing energy to users in countries and municipalities that don’t have access to clean power. We believe it’s essential to think of our planet’s future, and take steps to be good stewards for the next generation. Join us, along with many other forward thinking digital artists around the globe, and go green with your next CGI production.