Join us at SIGGRAPH 2024 May 30th – AUG 1st in Denver! Visit the CenterGrid booth (#734) to experience Dave’s interactive AI Movie Thinktank character concept workflow. Watch as he streams live from Australia on his US-based Virtual Studio M4 Raptor cloud workstation.

Dave Linked in Profile.

About Dave

As a Freelance Production Artist, I provide 3D animation production services and team management for various clients, leveraging my extensive background in VFX and software development. I have successfully delivered interactive and pre-rendered media to support projects in infrastructure, transportation, and urban planning, using cutting-edge technologies such as Unreal Engine, iTwin, Omniverse, and NERF.

As the Founder of Movie Thinktank, I push the boundaries of visual concept development to the next level, using multiple AI systems to create stunning digital content for traditional and interactive media. I combine my passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and innovation to help talented and motivated teams produce amazing experiences for diverse audiences.

Drop by the booth. Let us know you’re coming 😊